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Budgie Cage, an easy guide to choosing

budgie cage Imac Elisa Bird Cage

The variety of cages (not all designed specifically for budgies) makes it hard to choose one that will be perfect for your budgies. Sometimes the great variety is intimidating and makes the choice harder, and sometimes you just can get lost between different cages without knowing what to look for. Here is our simple guide for choosing a Budgie Cage in easy to follow steps, explaining the three main aspects of every cage.You should invest as much time and money as possible into a proper and most importantly safe budgie cage.


Safety is the most important feature of the budgie cage, so you will have to make sure that your budgies are just fine in their new home. Here are the steps:

  1. Find a cage that is designed specifically for budgies.
  2. Make sure it is a wire cage so that it won’t break free when the budgie chews it.
  3. Pay attention to the materials – the budgie cage will be chewed, so there should not be anything toxic.
  4. Try to get a cage with both vertical and horizontal wires – thus your budgies will be able to play with them, climbing the horizontal and sliding down the vertical ones.
  5. Make sure the wires are close enough so that your budgie won’t stick its head out and wedge up. A good distance between the wires is 12 mm, although 16 mm will do perfectly for larger birds.
  6. Try to find a budgie cage with parallel wires, because those who get closer to each other at some point may be a problem. Your budgie may stick its foot in them, which may cause panic and some severe trauma.
  7. Pay attention to the door, it should not only slide without anything to hold it, as your budgies will find a way to open it.
  8. Make sure there are no sharp edges or anything else that may harm your budgies, as they will certainly find it if it is there.

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Must-have features

There are certain features that every budgie cage must have. They will make the life of your little budgie easier and happier. See what you need to look for when choosing the budgie cage:

  1. Perches – your birds will use them to sleep or sit on them, as well to play on them. The perches will have to vary in thickness, as this will distribute the pressure in different points of the foot of your budgie. Perches may not be bought from the pet shop, you can easily choose different branches for perches yourself. However, when choosing, make sure the branches are from tree that is not poisonous, as your budgies would love to chew them. Try to find one perch that will make contact with your bird’s toenails. Thus they will be a bit worn out and won’t need to be trimmed too often. The best perches you can find are the eucalyptus branches, as they are the favourite of the wild budgies.
  2. Feeders – this is an essential item, as you will put the birds’ food or water in it. In fact, you will need at least two – one for the food (seeds) and one for the water. You may put a third one for a different type of food, as it is better not to mix them. There are different type of feeders, all of which designed specifically for birds, so you can choose whichever you like and it will suit your birds. Try to put the feeders at one level with the perches – thus your birds will be able to reach them and won’t be able to sit above them and poop in them.
  3. Toys – your budgies will love having something to play with. You may hang a toy or two and certainly a swing for them. Thus your budgies will fly and move more, which will be good both for their health and happiness.
  4. Size – the best way to describe the perfect size is ‘the more – the better’. Buy the biggest cage you can find and spend money on, as your budgies will be happier when there is more space to fly. If you have to choose between budgie cages which are vertically or horizontally loner, choose the horizontal ones, as this will provide even more flying space to your birds.


Ease of cleaning

While the other features were important for the good-being of your budgies, this feature of the budgie-case is important for you. You will clean the cage quite often, so make sure the process is easy. Try the following steps:

  1. Find a budgie cage that will easily allow removing the base and replacing the lining.
  2. Make sure you will be able to easily get out the perches and disinfect them.
  3. Find out whether you have easy access to every corner when wiping the bars.


If you follow all these steps, you are sure to buy a perfect cage for your budgies. They will be happy in it and won’t try to escape and won’t accidentally harm themselves. A bad cage, on the other hand, may result in your buying a new one. Good luck with the choosing!

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