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Budgie caring, breeding, training and accessories

Hi and welcome to Budgie wiki, a website dedicated to budgies or budgerigar small parrots. A resource for training,breeding, proper diet and accessories.

Budgie Essentials

  • Getting Started: Guide in choosing a new budgie and a right cage
  • Is your budgie a boy or a girl? how old is it? find out!
  • Budgie Healthy Diet Guide for Beginners
  • Is it summer already ? Watch out for heat strokes!
  • Did you know that budgies can be trained using simple methods? it’ll only take a few minutes per day to have a friendly awesome parrot pet


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Budgie Breeding: There are several birds which are grown by people as pets in their home. Budgies are a special kind of parrot and it...
a budgie taking its bath in cage

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In the summer, due to the weather warming up, the temperature increase, we should take extra care of our pet birds. The biggest danger...

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Budgies are very intelligent and playful parrots. They originate from Australia which is their native environment. In the wild, they are very social and...